Americans in every state in the union are preparing to hold rallies in support of impeaching President Donald Trump the day before the full House is set to vote on articles of impeachment Wednesday.

Republicans have repeatedly insisted that Americans don’t support impeachment. They are about to receive one hell of a wake-up call on Tuesday as there are currently over 500 rallies across all 50 states planned for the purpose of cheering on the House to do their constitutional duty to protect democracy.

The organizers wrote on their website that:

“Nobody is above the law. That’s why we’re calling on Congress to Impeach & Remove Donald Trump. The night before the House of Representatives takes a somber vote to impeach Trump, we’ll head to every congressional office and public square to declare that Nobody Is Above the Law as representatives finalize their positions and senators look on.”

In fact, support for impeachment is evident according to the polls, including a recent Fox News poll that showed 52 percent are in favor. Of course, Trump couldn’t stand it, so he attacked the network on Twitter.

That tweet would backfire because a new Fox poll later in the day showed that support for impeachment climbed to 54 percent after Trump’s tantrum.

And unlike a recent anti-impeachment rally that only a few people attended, hundreds of thousands are expected to turn out for the pro-impeachment rallies. The organizers said in a statement that:

“Protesters will gather in front of the district offices of House members as the lawmakers finalize their positions and at U.S. Senate offices as senators prepare for a likely trial. Protesters will call on their representatives to uphold the Constitution and their oaths of office by supporting Trump’s impeachment.”

“The facts are uncontested. An extensive investigation turned up phone records, transcripts, and first hand witness testimony that prove Trump demanded Ukraine interfere in the 2020 election on his behalf before he’d give them critical military aid or a White House meeting. Americans from California to West Virginia are ready to hold their representatives accountable and declare that no one—not even the president—is above the law.”

Democratic lawmakers are already being cheered at town halls for supporting impeachment. These rallies will only strengthen their resolve that they are on the right side of history. If only Republicans could be so moved to support the Constitution and the country.

Featured Image by Master Steve Rapport via Wikimedia Commons/CC-by-2.0