President Donald Trump severely miscalculated during a rally in Michigan on Wednesday night when he launched a petty and totally uncalled for attack on Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-Mich.) by implying that her husband, the late Rep. John Dingell (D-Mich.), is in hell as retaliation against her vote for impeachment.

The House of Representatives passed both articles of impeachment against Trump in a historic vote. Dingell cast her vote in favor of passage, drawing retribution from the president, who apparently thought Dingell owed him some kind of favor for letting John Dingell, a World War II veteran and the longest-serving congressman in American history, have a state funeral.

“Debbie Dingell, that’s a real beauty,” Trump began, going on to refer to her vote for impeachment despite him giving John Dingell the “A+ treatment.”

“I didn’t give him the B treatment, I didn’t give him the C, or the D — I could have,” he continued. “She calls me up. ‘It’s the nicest thing that’s ever happened. Thank you so much. John would be so thrilled. He’s looking down, he’d be so thrilled. Thank you so much, sir.’ I said that’s OK, don’t worry about it.”

“Maybe he’s looking up, I don’t know,” Trump concluded. “Maybe. Maybe.”

Trump’s remark did not draw the applause he was looking for. Instead, the audience groaned in disapproval. After all, Trump held his rally in Dingell’s district and both John and Debbie are beloved there.

Here’s the video via YouTube:

In response, Debbie Dingell expressed how hurt she was by Trump’s attack in a tweet that will likely generate further sympathy for her from the American people.

Trump’s words even drew backlash from Republicans and Democrats alike.

Trump conducted himself shamefully in Michigan last night as he was being impeached by the House, further demonstrating that he is unfit to serve, not only as president, but as a human being as well. Just when you thought Trump could not possibly sink any lower, this is how he reacts. Republicans should look themselves in the mirror and ask if he’s really worth protecting. Because Trump’s attack is just as much on them for enabling him as is it on him.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot