President Donald Trump has dragged the Republican Party to his level, forcing lifelong Republican Matt Lewis to lament that the GOP has become the “evil party” in his latest column.

On Wednesday evening, the House of Representatives officially impeached Trump, making him only the third president to have such a dubious distinction. But rather than believe the evidence and witness testimony, Republicans disgraced themselves trying to protect him, even going so far as to compare Trump to Jesus Christ.

But the Republican Party is no longer a moral political party. That much is evident by the fact that even Christianity Today, an evangelical publication founded by Billy Graham, called for removing Trump from office citing his criminal activity and terrible behavior.

Trump put his terrible behavior on display in Michigan as the House impeached him by openly attacking Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-Mich.) by saying her late husband Rep. John Dingell (D-Mich.) is in hell. It was Trump’s way of retaliating against Dingell’s vote in favor of impeachment.

It is this kind of behavior and criminality that Republicans have been defending since Trump took office, which is why Lewis condemned the GOP in his latest column for the Daily Beast, ripping Republicans for being “viscerally repellent.”

“The impeachment of Donald Trump demonstrated what still feels to me like a weird new development: The Republicans are the evil party, while Democrats (presumably now the ‘stupid party’?) seemed much more sane, moderate, and honorable,” he wrote.

“For most of my life, things appeared the exact opposite,” he continued. “For most of my life, it felt like the Democrats were the ones who were pandering, playing the politics of victimhood, insulting my intelligence, and saying borderline sacrilegious things. Today, the roles are reversed. Just as the parties seem to have switched positions on a myriad of issues like Russia, tariffs, and reverence for the Founding Fathers and American Exceptionalism, it is now the Republicans who are viscerally repellent.”

“If you watched the debates during impeachment day, you know these are not honest brokers,” Lewis wrote. “Their talking points — which I’m assuming are poll-tested — were maudlin, offensive, and manipulative. The not-so-greatest-hits of Republican backbenchers included demanding a ‘moment of silence’ for the 63 million Americans who voted for Trump, comparing impeachment to Pearl Harbor, and comparing Trump to Jesus. [M]ost of the so-called conservatives have followed Trump down the drain.”

Lewis’ view of the Democratic Party is highly questionable. Clearly, he was blinded for years by Republican rhetoric demonizing Democrats. Because Democrats have opposed Russia for decades and both parties had shared a negative view of tariffs until Trump began issuing them like candy. And accusing Democrats of not revering the Founding Fathers is just silly. But his assessment of the GOP being evil is spot on. Trump’s behavior and criminality are atrocious, yet Republicans have been standing by him through it all, including his caging of migrant children at the border.

And despite this clear evil, evangelicals are his most enthusiastic supporters, destroying once and for all any notion that they are real Christians.

The only way to snuff out this evil, of course, is to remove Republicans from political power for generations, which Americans have the opportunity to do in 2020.

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