According to some who ardently support President Donald Trump no matter what he does, until Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) transmits the two articles of impeachment to the Senate for a trial, Trump hasn’t actually been impeached. It’s a ludicrous assertion which isn’t supported by fact or anything in the Constitution, but apparently the Trump faithful have a need to believe the absurd, much like the man they so slavishly defend.

During a discussion of impeachment on CNN Saturday morning, former federal prosecutor Elie Honig was asked about the “not yet impeached” theory by host Amara Walker, who inquired:

“Apparently there are questions over whether Trump has really been impeached over a technicality. We spoke with Jenna Ellis, who is the senior legal adviser to the 2020 Trump campaign, and to the president a few hours ago, and she said technically that President Trump has not yet been impeached because the Senate does not yet have the articles of impeachment … do you agree?”

Honig was quick to squash any such conjecture by anyone who wants to try and lessen the sting of impeachment:

“That’s a ridiculous argument on a couple levels. First of all, it’s only a matter of time before the House does formally deliver the articles over to the Senate, so if it gives the Republicans a talking point for a couple of weeks, it’s not going to last. Second of all, this whole idea comes from an article by law professor Noah Feldman. This is what happens when law professors get a little too clever.”

But that wasn’t all Honig had to say on the matter. He made sure and based his response on the only source that matters: The U.S. Constitution:

“The Constitution is clear here. The Constitution gives the House the sole power to impeach and the Senate to try impeachments. There’s nothing about a formal transmission. This is something that is made up. We all saw the House of Representatives. They voted, it was a majority, it was on TV. He is impeached. Now it’s up to the Senate to go ahead and try the case.”

Donald Trump has become only the third president in history (Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were the other two) who has been impeached by the House of Representatives. That will forever be a black mark on his name and in the first paragraph of his obituary when he passes from this earth.

So, for all the Trumpkins who want to argue their hero hasn’t been impeached, as we say in the South: Bless your little hearts!

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