Saturday Night Live returned this week for one last episode in 2019 that featured Alec Baldwin’s President Donald Trump getting his a** gloriously handed to him by Kate McKinnon’s House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

The cold open began with the Democratic debate on PBS, which Baldwin’s Trump stormed for attention as he desperately insisted that he’s not freaking out about being impeached.

He asked:

“You think I’m afraid? You think I’m nervous? What are you going to do, impeach me? Hey, losers, impeach me outside, okay?”

The House passed two articles of impeachment against Trump on Wednesday in a historic vote, making him only the third president to be impeached in the 243 year history of the United States.

Baldwin’s Trump then claimed that being impeached means he’ll display even worse behavior.

“There are no rules. You had it easy with ‘Donald Trump: Delirious.’ But now you’re going to get ‘Donald Trump: Raw,’ baby.”

Trump also spent a lot of his time insulting the Democratic candidates on stage. And that’s when McKinnon’s Pelosi rained on his parade.

Trump asked her if she had read his anti-impeachment letter, a six-page diatribe the real Trump scribbled just before the full House vote whining about the proceedings and once again insisting that he did nothing wrong.

The real Pelosi only briefly referred to the letter as “sick,” but McKinnon’s Pelosi had more to say and even came bearing gifts.

“Oh, the one that was six pages, single-spaced like a serial killer? No. I didn’t read it. I’m sorry. but I brought you a gift, Mr. President. I have two articles of impeachment.”

Trump replied that she should go ahead and give the impeachment articles to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) so he can be acquitted in a rigged trial.

“Give it to Mitch and the Senate and everything is gravy, baby.”

Pelosi, however, had a better idea, which also has the added benefit of getting under Trump’s thin skin all while forcing the Senate to agree to a fair trial instead of show trial.

“You know sometimes you get a gift and you like it so much you just want to keep it as a gift to yourself? Good luck at the State of the Union.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot