President Donald Trump has now broken yet another record of former President Barack Obama’s. He’s spent more time and money golfing in one term than Obama ever did through two, and Trump is about to begin yet another two-week vacation at Mar-a-Lago.

Trump repeatedly insisted that he would have little time to go golfing as president all while frequently criticizing Obama every time he went golfing or on a vacation.

And in just three years, Trump’s golfing tab is about to surpass $118 million, much of which enriches him and his business and is paid for by taxpayers. By comparison, Obama only racked up $105 million over his two terms.

According to a Huffington Post report:

The new total is the equivalent of 296 years of the $400,000 presidential salary that his supporters often boast that he is not taking.

And of that $118.3 million, at least several million has gone into Trump’s own cash registers, as Secret Service agents, White House staff and other administration officials stay and eat at his hotels and golf courses.

Trump has also gone golfing more days than Obama, which again, is hypocritical because he threw a fit every time Obama dared to golf.

At this exact point in former President Barack Obama’s first term, he had spent 88 days on a golf course. Saturday was Trump’s 227th day as president on a course that he owns. If Trump continues golfing at the pace he has set in his first three years, he will surpass in just one term the total number of days Obama spent golfing over two full terms — despite having repeatedly criticized Obama for playing too much golf and having promised, as a candidate, that he would be too busy to play any golf at all.

And finally, even Trump’s travel and security expenses also paid for by taxpayers, have soared ahead of Obama’s entire eight-year total.

Just three years into his presidency, Trump’s travel and security expenses for his golf hobby exceed an estimate of eight years worth of expenses incurred by Obama’s family travel by millions of dollars.

Keep in mind that Trump just became the third president to be impeached, so fleecing taxpayers for even more money just before Christmas to go golfing is a middle finger to the American people, especially since his tariffs continue to negatively impact Americans’ wallets. At this point, conservatives have lost their right to criticize any Democratic president for golfing or going on vacation ever again.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot