President Donald Trump touted a tweet by his former Labor Secretary nominee and right-wing businessman Andy Puzder on Sunday night that actually shows how much better and steady wage growth was under former President Barack Obama.

That’s not how Puzder meant to use his chart, however. He meant for people to look at only Trump’s term in office thus far, which shows a mere one percent rise in wage growth from 3.5 percent to just 4.5 percent, hardly something to brag about considering the federal minimum is still $7.25 an hour and millions of Americans have had to take on multiple jobs to get by in an economy geared toward benefiting the wealthy.

Furthermore, even Moody’s says that Trump’s economy is a failure.

Of course, Trump bragged anyway, tweeting out the post late Sunday night in an attempt to claim that his policies are somehow helping the American people.

It’s quite a misleading chart, especially since many blue states have been passing laws raising the minimum wage, something Trump had nothing to do with. The one percent spike is also misleading because it’s really not that much money when one does the math.

Other Twitter users also pointed out the flaws in Puzder’s misleading chart, including the fact that the growth began under Obama.

Clearly, low wage earners are not succeeding nearly as much as Trump and Puzder say they are, and this is nothing more than another scheme designed to make it look like Trump has a strong economy. The truth is starker and more dire.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot