As Republicans continue to stand by President Donald Trump no matter what, a former GOP lawmaker had a sincere and telling message for them. Former Rep. Charlie Dent (R-Pa.) on Monday night said that their loyalty to Trump puts the party on a “demographic death march” to political extinction.

Trump frequently boasts that over 90 percent of Republicans support him, but that number is only getting so high because so many have left the party and only the hardcore Trump supporters remain.

Despite being impeached for clear criminal actions, Republicans in the House and Senate still support him, even going so far as to conspire to rig his upcoming Senate trial, all while his policies continue to hurt millions of Americans across the country and place our national security at risk.

This blind loyalty at all costs strategy, however, is going to backfire, according to former lawmaker Dent during an interview on CNN.

“It’s pretty clear to me that that many Republicans, particularly Republican leaders, they’ve gone full in with Donald Trump. They see it to their advantage to be closely embracing him. I think by so fully embracing Trumpism, though, they’re creating problems for their own members. Particularly in the suburbs. Trumpism is not playing well [in] the suburbs, and Republicans have been getting wiped out in the suburbs.”

“So I think the real debate that Republicans are going to need to have someday is, what is this party going to look like after Donald Trump? Is Trumpism going to die when Donald Trump leaves office, this whole notion of nativism, isolationism and protectionism, loyalty to a man? I mean, is the party going to get serious about halting this demographic death march that it’s on right now? We’ve got to become a party that’s more inclusive, that’s more socially tolerant, that embraces free markets, and that is more constructively engaged internationally.”

“We have to get their heads right on this. By fully embracing Donald Trump as so many have, I think that they’re ignoring the real political problems that we faced in the elections of 2017, ’18, and ’19.”

Here’s the video from the lawmaker via YouTube:

Republicans suffered a landslide defeat in 2018 that cost them the House. In 2019, they lost big in Virginia and Kentucky in races seen as signs of how the 2020 Election could go for them. Republicans are not going to be able to rely on their aging base forever, so it’s only a matter of time before the party gets buried for generations because of their strong association with Trump today.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot