Franklin Graham, one of President Donald Trump’s favorite evangelical leaders, declared on Friday that people who support secularism are more dangerous to the country than North Korea and terrorists.

As Trump enters the final year of his first and possibly only term in office, Graham made sure to tell him who the threats to our country really are in a post on Twitter that basically declares millions of Americans enemies of the state.

In reality, the Founding Fathers set America up as a secular nation, even going so far as to leave out any references to God, Jesus, and Christianity out of the Constitution, instead making it clear that we have freedom of religion and that a wall of separation between church and state exists. The founders knew all too well that religion mixed with government is dangerous to democracy and freedom. Ever since then, secularism has reigned supreme. That is, until conservative evangelicals began their assault to hijack the country and tell outright lies about American history in an effort to convince Americans that this is a Christian nation.

The fact is that North Korea would love nothing more than to blow our country off the map with their growing nuclear arsenal, and Russia is already working to interfere with the 2020 Election to help Trump win a second term, a threat that could upend our democracy. And because of Trump’s blunders in the Middle East, ISIS is on the rise again. Secularism will not kill us, but terrorists certainly will.

Twitter users responded to Graham by lighting him up.

For all his blubbering about people supposedly turning against God, Graham continues to support Trump, a coward, and criminal who routinely violates the very commandments that evangelicals would love nothing more to replace the Constitution with and force Americans to follow.

It’s little wonder why his father’s old publication Christianity Today called for Trump to be removed from office. Because unlike Franklin Graham, even that publication understands that Trump is the greatest threat to America today.

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