Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is facing renewed calls for his resignation after he disputed a film about the CIA’s use of torture during the Bush administration and claimed that he supports the intelligence community even as President Donald Trump continues to viciously attack them.

Just as it is true that the CIA employed the use of torture after the 9/11 attacks in violation of the Geneva Convention and the Constitution, it is also true that Russia interfered with the 2016 Election, a fact that every intelligence agency in the United States agrees happened.

Trump, of course, has spent his entire presidency thus far attacking intelligence officials, choosing instead to side with Russia and Vladimir Putin.

As this abuse goes on, Pompeo has refused to speak out against him. But after he saw the 2019 film “The Report” on Amazon on Friday, which is based on a 6,700-page Senate Intelligence Committee report put together over years of investigation, Pompeo attacked the film by calling it “fiction” and claimed to support the intelligence community.

Again, the CIA did, in fact, use torture. That is indisputable. And Pompeo saying otherwise is really disgusting. It’s especially disgusting that he would claim to “back” our intelligence community in response to this film but he won’t do it when Trump launches one of his frequent attacks.

Twitter users were not amused by Pompeo’s hypocrisy and cowardice and demanded his resignation.

Mike Pompeo should be ashamed of himself and he should never again be allowed to hold public office. He should be prosecuted for helping Trump cover up his Ukraine scandal and his name should be forever disgraced for his cowardice and failure to act in defense of our country and intelligence officials when it mattered most.

Featured Image: Wikimedia