Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is in for one hell of a re-election battle in Kentucky, because a pair of U.S. Marines have officially filed to run against him in 2020.

Unlike Mitch McConnell, retired Marine fighter pilot Amy McGrath and retired Marine Lt. Colonel Mike Broihier both served our country in uniform and put their lives on the line to do so. So, they know how to keep fighting regardless of the odds.

So far, the odds appear to be turning in their favor every day that McConnell continues to bow down to President Donald Trump and refuses to bring pieces of legislation to a vote.

In fact, his loyalty to Trump and Russia has earned him the dubious nickname “Moscow Mitch,” which went viral earlier this year much to McConnell’s chagrin, and has damaged him as his approval rating plummets.

McConnell’s fealty to Trump and Russia and his failure to do his duty resulted in not one, but two challenges from retired Marines McGrath and Broihier. Perhaps McConnell had hoped that one or both would just drop out of the race, but both of them officially filed paperwork with the Secretary of State’s office in Kentucky this week. And both announced their filing on Twitter.

McConnell is increasingly unpopular in Kentucky, and his unpopularity will only deeper as he seeks to rig the impending Senate impeachment trial in Trump’s favor. Clearly, these retired Marines smell blood in the water and they know they stand a good chance at beating him next November. Defeat is less than what McConnell deserves for working to destroy the United States from within all these years as he enriches himself and ignores constitutional norms. But his defeat is a necessary step if Americans are to get their country back and get the Senate working for them again.

Featured Image: Wikimedia