President Donald Trump has seen the latest polls on his chances of reelection, and apparently he’s worried that his chances of a second term in office may be slipping away, so he’s dispatched Vice President Mike Pence to three key battleground states in an effort to bolster support as his impeachment heads to the Senate early next year.

The Guardian reports that Pence has made numerous visits to Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, the states which provided the margin of victory for Trump in 2016:

Republican strategists see outreach to voters in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin as key to Trump’s re-election prospects. Rex Elsass, a veteran Republican admaker and consultant, called the trio of states “critical” for Trump. Elsass said those were the states that played a major role in Trump’s victory in 2016.

“You couldn’t have put together that list without saying, ‘Well, these are the top targeted states’ that were key to the election and key to the original election,” Elsass said.

The use of Pence as a surrogate for Trump in the three Midwestern states comes on the heels of recent polling which shows that Trump is increasingly unpopular and losing favor with American voters.

A poll from Rasmussen Reports — the polling firm Trump often trumpets for its positive numbers — may have spooked the Trump 2020 team. It shows that Trump’s approval rating is stuck at 46 percent, with 53 percent saying they disapprove of the job Trump is doing.

And an MSN poll from a week ago is very bad news for the president, with 55 percent of those surveyed saying the favor impeaching and removing Trump from office for his role in the Ukraine scandal.

To counter such bad numbers, Pence is spreading a message of prosperity and accomplishment by the administration:

On Wednesday, Pence traveled with Trump to Michigan for a campaign rally in Calhoun county. Before that rally he headlined an event in Saginaw county, a part of Michigan where Trump barely defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016.

That speech represented a perfect example of the pitch Pence is offering these midwestern states. He focused on the administration’s judicial confirmations, the passage of the United States-Mexico-Canada trade deal, and the American and Michigan economy. He touched on more controversial topics like the administration’s border wall and Democrats’ “partisan impeachment effort.”

But with new revelations coming out daily regarding Ukraine and impeachment, all the happy talk in the world from Pence may not be able to counter the reality of Trump fatigue which seems to be taking hold across the country.

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