President Donald Trump gave himself and Russian President Vladimir Putin a giant pat on the back Tuesday morning via Twitter, claiming that the United States had helped prevent a “planned terrorist attack” in Saint Petersburg, Russia:

According to the Washington Post, the president was referencing a report from the Russian state news agency Tass:

Russia’s Federal Security Service, the country’s principal intelligence agency, detained two Russian nationals on Dec. 27 “on the basis of information provided earlier by the American partners,” the agency’s spokesman told Tass, Russia’s state news agency. They were charged with planning a terrorist attack that allegedly was to occur during the New Year’s holiday in St. Petersburg, at the Kazan Cathedral in the center of the city and at a shopping center near the Moskovsky Rail Terminal.

Not everyone was delighted with Trump’s victory dance, especially since he couldn’t help but mention Putin:

What do you suppose Putin got Donnie for Christmas? A promise of four more years in office if he’s a good boy?

Featured Image Via NBC News