A firestorm is raining down upon the Consumer Technology Association after it foolishly named Ivanka Trump the keynote speaker of its annual show in Las Vegas, insulting female tech industry leaders across the country and around the world.

Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show highlights new technologies and features presentations and speeches from industry leaders. In January 2020, however, Ivanka Trump is scheduled to deliver the keynote speech even though she has no experience whatsoever in the technology field and has set women back decades by remaining complicit with her father President Donald Trump’s anti-women policies. She also recently drew outrage after cruelly writing off the children in cages on the border as not in her “portfolio” during a recent interview.

The decision particularly angered female tech industry professionals, such as Cindy Chin, CEO of the consultancy CLC Advisors.

“There needs to be more systematic representation of speakers across the board and not just for keynotes,” she told The Guardian. “It would be better if the background of the keynote speaker actually fit the industry it is serving and inspirational rather than talking heads and political.”

Other female tech pros also weighed in, including Massachusetts congressional Democratic candidate Brianna Wu, Black Girls Code founder Kimberly Bryant, and cybersecurity expert Chey Cobb.

And they were far from the only ones who voiced opposition to Ivanka Trump’s selection as a keynote speaker as other Twitter users condemned the decision and vowed to boycott the event in protest.

Clearly, the association should reconsider their decision. And they better hurry because they only have a few days to make things right before they have to live with the shame of giving a platform to a complicit grifter who only fakes caring about women and workers and pretends she knows what it’s like to work for a living.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot