Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) is so desperate for campaign cash that he is begging GOP strategist Liz Mair for money even though he is also suing her for $400 million as part of multiple lawsuits he has filed to silence his critics.

Early last year, Nunes began filing a bunch of lawsuits targeting social media and his hometown newspaper in an effort to stifle free speech. The lawsuits against social media are aimed at two parody Twitter accounts known as @DevinNunesMom and @DevinCow that mock him on a regular basis through satire, which is protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution.

His lawsuit against The Fresno Bee, meanwhile, is meant to stop them from publishing the truth about him, including his connections to a shady winery that hosted a fundraiser featuring cocaine and underage prostitutes, and his recent trip overseas to meet with a Ukrainian official to seek dirt on former Vice-President Joe Biden on President Donald Trump’s behalf.

Nunes has filed his lawsuits in Virginia, a state that allows frivolous lawsuits.

The reason why he is suing Mair is that she has been critical of him, which is part of her job description as a political strategist. And he also seems to believe she is associated with the parody accounts. Of course, even if she is, she has the legal right and the freedom to do so.

Last April, Mair addressed Nunes lawsuit in an op-ed for USA Today

“Nunes seems upset about my scrutiny, discussion and highlighting of publicly available information pertaining to him, and my criticism of his conduct, record, and behavior — as well as my generally not having acted like a Miss Congeniality award winner toward him,” she wrote. “In other words, he is suing me for doing my job as a political communications strategist.”

She then proceeded to nail him to the wall for attacking the First Amendment.

And now she is laughing at him for begging her for money.

You see, Nunes recently rented a campaign donor email list from Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) because he’s desperate for campaign funding as the 2020 Election approaches. He sent out a mass email begging for money, and Mair just so happens to be on the list.

Mair found the fact that Nunes is begging for money from her while he’s also suing her for $400 million in a frivolous lawsuit absolutely amusing.

Just when you thought Nunes could not humiliate himself any more than he already has, he pulls this pathetic little stunt. He must be truly desperate to hang on to his House seat.

Featured Image: Wikimedia