President Donald Trump is still whining during his vacation at Mar-a-Lago, this time lashing out at the FBI and everyone who was involved with the prosecution and jailing of several of his cronies by calling for them to be imprisoned or worse.

The Russia investigation has been over for months, and a recent Inspector General report found that the FBI did NOT target the Trump campaign. There was no spying as Trump has repeatedly claimed and every Trump associate who got busted for crimes by Special Counsel Robert Mueller were properly indicted on good evidence and convicted in court by a jury.

The initial FBI probe known as Crossfire Hurricane, and the subsequent investigation led by Mueller, were geared toward investigating Russian interference during the 2016 Election, which they found evidence to support. Trump, by obstructing and refusing to cooperate, ended up putting himself and his cronies in the spotlight of the probe. Those associates lied to investigators, and further digging uncovered other crimes they had committed, which is why Paul Manafort is sitting in prison right now.

On Thursday morning, Trump once again threw a hissy fit and repeated his debunked conspiracy claims, accused everyone involved with the investigation of being a traitor to the country and demanded they be jailed “or more.” The “or more” part appears to imply Trump wants them executed.

Again, Trump repeatedly obstructed the Mueller probe and those crimes are listed by the final Mueller report. Trump has also been impeached by the House for trying to bribe Ukraine to announce a sham investigation against a political rival to hurt that rival ahead of the 2020 Election. The articles of impeachment charge him with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, and there is a lot of damning evidence and witness testimony backing those charges up.

The FBI did not target Trump and his campaign. Trump’s cronies were legally prosecuted and convicted for their crimes. And if we had an Attorney General with a spine, Trump would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for his own crimes.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot