Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) made a Freudian admission on Thursday when he strongly implied that President Donald Trump is a toddler who needs adult supervision.

Back in 2017, former Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) took a major shot at Trump by referring to the White House as an “adult daycare center” in one of the most devastating tweets that year.

Ever since, Trump’s status as a man-baby has persisted, even culminating in the famous Trump baby blimp that has taken the world by storm.

Many Republicans would rather not admit that Trump is a tantrum-throwing toddler who has never been the adult in the room, even when he is in a room by himself.

But Grassley alluded to Trump being a helpless toddler on Thursday by asking “whoever keeps watch” on him to read a Wall Street Journal op-ed to him in the hope to influence his economic policies.

Grassley’s blunder soon became an Internet hit as Twitter users pointed out that he basically admitted that Trump requires a babysitter while others used it as proof that Trump should be removed from office.

This is a fairly humiliating slip-up for Republicans, especially as Senate Republicans prepare for the impending impeachment trial. The fact that Trump is a toddler who requires adult supervision day after day should be more than enough reason to remove him from office. They don’t even the articles of impeachment to justify it.

Featured Image: Wikimedia