Granted, the 2024 election is probably the last thing on most people’s minds at the moment, but Republicans are already saying they hope a Trump political dynasty is in the making, telling pollsters two of their top five choices for GOP nominee in 2024 are Donald Trump Jr. and his sister, Ivanka.

Axios reports that a recent Survey Monkey poll came back with these results when Republicans were surveyed about their 2024 preference to be the GOP nominee:

  • Mike Pence: 40 percent
  • Donald Trump Jr.: 29 percent
  • Nikki Haley: 26 percent
  • Ivanka Trump: 16 percent
  • Ivanka Trump: 15 percent

Perhaps you’re asking why this matters when we still have an election later this year. Axios explains the importance:

  • An early poll like this is largely a measure of name ID. But it’s also a vivid illustration of just how strong Trump’s brand is with the GOP.
  • Ivanka and Don Jr. find themselves near the top of a long list of politicians who have held elected office, many of them vocal supporters of the president.

But it also suggests that the Republican Party has now been subsumed into what can best be called the Trump GOP. The days of Republicans actually having policy positions is gone. Instead, there is the Party of Trump, which seems to stand for little more than defending every statement and action taken by a president so long as his (or her) name is Trump.

There doesn’t appear to be an actual GOP anymore. But there is a cult of personality which preaches that Donald Trump and his spawn are political saviors who represent the foulest impulses of right-wing ideology and outright white supremacy.

Does anyone actually believe Republicans will learn their lesson from Donald Trump and discard him and his ilk from their party? Based on how they act at the moment, it seems more likely that they are only too willing to be servile hosts for the ultimate political parasite.

Featured Image Via NBC News