Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA), who has been one of President Donald Trump’s most enthusiastic defenders in the House of Representatives, is under fire for remarks he made in which he claimed that Democrats are “in love with terrorists.”

During an appearance on Fox Business, Collins was asked by host Lou Dobbs about a resolution which would reaffirm that Congress has the sole power to declare war:

“The Democrats are, tomorrow, talking about constraining [President Donald Trump’s] authorities as the commander-in-chief, vis-a-vis Iraq. How venal, how vapid can one party become?!”

Collins replied:

“Nancy Pelosi does it again. And her Democrats fall right in line.”

But it was what the Georgia Republican said next that has drawn the harshest criticism:

“They’re in love with terrorists. We see that. They mourn Soleimani more than they mourn our Gold Star families who are the ones who suffered under Soleimani.”

Since Collins decided to raise the issue of Gold Star families, where is his outrage over the disgusting remarks Donald Trump made about the parents of Capt, Humayun Khan, a brave Army solider who perished in Iraq serving his country?

It didn’t take long before social media exploded with indignation for what Collins had said:

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