When you think of President Donald Trump, is the first comparison that comes to mind disgraced football star O.J. Simpson? If not, then you’ll probably scratch your head when you hear what a 66-year-old Trump enthusiast from Tacoma, Washington, had to say to a Politico reporter.

Shortly before the holiday break, John F. Harris of Politico asked readers who ardently support the president to explain why they still defend Trump despite the overwhelming evidence that he likely abused his office by asking Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, in exchange for the release of $391 million of military aid that had been approved by Congress.

Keith Swartz runs a recruiting firm in Tacoma, and he emailed Harris to let him know his thoughts about President Trump, describing him as “manic, uneducated, illogical,” and also “essentially a horrible person….vulgar, amoral, narcissistic.”

An odd defense of a man you say you support, wouldn’t you agree? Swartz then made a bizarre comparison:

“To those of us who support what he has accomplished, it feels like he is our O.J.”

Wait. What?! Trump is O.J. Simpson? Harris said he had to consider that one carefully, but he finally came to understand the twisted logic behind the analogy:

“That’s right: O.J. Simpson, not previously a conservative hero. In his 2016 promises to ‘Make America Great Again,’ Trump did not invoke the racially riven Los Angeles of the 1990s as his model. But Swartz’s admirably forthright comparison—with biased media and unscrupulous Democrats serving as proxies for racist cops—captured the spirit of many replies.”

Yes, Donald Trump is the victim, just as he always claims to be. He engaged in that “woe is me” solipsism Thursday morning on Twitter when it came to impeachment:

So if Trump is O.J., does that mean we can expect the president to bestow the highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, on the Juice? That would make sense when you consider that they both hate women and believe they’re above the law.

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