President Donald Trump is such a needy narcissist that he publicly thanked Fox News host Greg Gutfeld for praising him, which drew mockery from Twitter users.

In just the last month alone, Trump has been impeached for abusing his power and obstructing Congress, wasted taxpayer money playing golf at his Florida resort, threw multiple temper tantrums like a petulant child and violated the War Powers Act by ordering the assassination of an Iranian general in a decision that could result in World War III. And let’s not forget he threatened to commit war crimes against Iran.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to just how much damage Trump has caused so far.

Despite all of that, Fox News host Greg Gutfeld once again felt the need to pucker up and french kiss Trump’s a** on the air by praising him as a “once in a century leader,” the kind of sucking up that dictators around the world expect from their own propaganda machines.

Of course, Trump noticed and he took to Twitter during his “executive time” to thank Gutfeld for being a good little propagandist.

While Trump’s supporters immediately latched on to this praise, sane Americans were not amused and proceeded to mock Trump’s pathetic need for approval.

Seriously, people like Gutfeld should not be allowed on the air to spew such sycophantic garbage. He fancies himself some kind of “comedian” but all he really does he make himself a punchline over and over again. And he’s certainly no journalist, a profession he disgraces on a daily basis. Of course, one really should not be surprised. After all, his wife is Russian, a nation Trump shows more fealty to than his own.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot