Shortly before he left for a political rally in Ohio on Thursday, President Donald Trump made remarks at the White House as he again rolled back regulations that help protect American workers.

As you might expect, Trump rambled wildly and lied repeatedly as he spoke, claiming that the JCPOA nuclear deal with Iran was expiring, even though it isn’t. He also claimed that Iran had been plotting to blow up the U.S. embassy in Iraq, but offered zero proof.

A reporter asked the president if he would be self-funding his 2020 reelection campaign so he wouldn’t be beholden to special interest groups. Instead of responding directly, Trump went off on a bizarre tangent about how he donates his presidential salary:

“I spent a lot of my own money.

“For instance, I gave up my salary – It’s 450,000 approximately 450,000 presidential salary. I give it up.”

And then he added:

“It goes to — usually I give it to drugs.”

That remark, coming just two days after he sniffed repeatedly and slurred several words while he addressed the nation on the conflict with Iran, set off a fusillade of laughter on Twitter:

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