The Involuntary Celibate (Incel) movement has been classified as a domestic terrorist threat by the Texas Department of Public Safety in the wake of several violent attacks and manifestos over the years that have left dozens dead across North America.

Men who identify as Incel members think they are entitled to sex and believe women should be forced to submit to their will. They resent being unable to find a romantic partner and have resorted to violence to demonstrate their disdain for couples in an effort to spark some kind of Incel rebellion, as if that’s going to fix their single status.

Thus far, more than forty people have been murdered by Incels in North America in mass acts of violence, including shootings and running people over with cars.

That’s why the Southern Poverty Center classifies the Incel movement as a hate group.

And that’s why Texas is now identifying the Incel movement as a domestic terrorist threat in a 2020 assessment.

“Although not a new movement, Involuntary Celibates (Incels) are an emerging domestic terrorism threat as current adherents demonstrate marked acts or threats of violence in furtherance of their social grievance,” the report said. “Once viewed as a criminal threat by many law enforcement authorities, Incels are now seen as a growing domestic terrorism concern due to the ideological nature of recent Incel attacks internationally, nationwide, and in Texas.”

“What begins as a personal grievance due to perceived rejection by women may morph into allegiance to, and attempts to further, an Incel Rebellion,” the report continued. “The result has thrust the Incel movement into the realm of domestic terrorism. The violence demonstrated by Incels in the past decade, coupled with extremely violent online rhetoric, suggests this particular threat could soon match, or potentially eclipse, the level of lethalness demonstrated by other domestic terrorism types.”

That’s pretty scary considering white nationalism is currently the top domestic terrorism threat in the nation.

In addition to their sexist and misogynistic beliefs, many Incels have also adopted racist and anti-Semitic views, making them a threat to people of color and Jews as well. And since white nationalists and Incels share beliefs, they could easily merge into one terrorist group.

The fact that Texas is putting out this assessment should make it all the more clear just how great a threat Incels are to Americans and society at large. Law enforcement agencies must prepare to face this threat and prevent violent attacks. Incels have committed acts of violence before, and they will do it again because they believe murdering people will somehow force women to pay attention to them. Forget about Iran, the real threat our government should be working to stop is the Incel movement.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot