The Trump White House isn’t exactly known for honesty or being forthright, but a tweet sent out by the administration on Sunday announcing the “first snow of the year” in Washington, D.C. suggests that truth is an utterly foreign concept to the Trump team.

The official Twitter account for the White House sent out this tweet on Sunday evening:


The digital snow was a nice touch, don’t you think?

But the temperature in the nation’s capitol when the tweet was posted just happens to have been 53 degrees, over 20 degrees warmer than is required for snow to fall.

We probably shouldn’t be surprised by such a monumental screw up from the Trump administration considering that the president himself used a Sharpie to suggest that a hurricane was about to hit Alabama last year. That later became known as SharpieGate:

Reaction on Twitter to the snow tweet was swift and unforgiving. Take a look:

Featured Image Via Twitter