Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough had a warning for all of President Donald Trump’s loyalists on Tuesday that he won’t be in office forever, but they will have to live in shame with their destroyed reputations for the rest of their lives.

On Monday, Trump retweeted a doctored image of Democratic leaders dressed in Muslim garb, not only smearing Democrats by calling them terrorist sympathizers but slurring Muslims as well. The incendiary post drew national outrage, but as usual, Trump’s loyal supporters defended him, including White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham, who attacked Democrats as disloyal Americans for criticizing Trump’s escalation of hostilities with Iran during a Fox News interview.

Of course, we now know that Trump’s “imminent” attack excuse for assassinating Iranian General Qasem Suleimani is a lie and that he and his top officials have been desperately trying to cover it up. Trump is also on the hook for violating the War Powers Act and international law.

The shameful behavior of Trump’s cronies received special attention on Tuesday as Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough reminded them that Trump’s time in office will come to an end one way or another. And once Trump’s out, they will be out as well and there will be consequences for what they said and did to protect and defend him, including being shamed, having zero credibility, and shattered reputations. And that’s not to mention the infamy that will be a stain upon them and their families for generations.

“People do forget that there is an after-Trump era coming,” Scarborough said. “I always tell the story of my friend in the Bush administration in 2005, somebody I knew very well, called up screaming, yelling at me, and I stopped, because I was critical of Bush.”

“‘Hold on a second, you do know that George Bush is going to leave the White House, and I’m still going to be here,'” the Morning Joe host told his friend. “‘Now, are you my friend or not?’ I didn’t mean it as a threat but I did let him know this, too, shall pass, choose your friends wisely.”

“These Trump people that work for him, they don’t even have to wait until 2021 to see what the world looks like,” he concluded. “They can just look in the rearview mirror and see everybody that shamed themselves in the name of that Donald Trump has been fired and then lived to regret it.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Indeed, turnover within the Trump administration has been unprecedentedly high as people resign or get fired. And many of them have come to regret ever working for him, some more than others.

But the stain of working for or defending Trump will never go away. They enabled a monster and failed to live up to their oath to this country and the Constitution. They should be ashamed and they should be shamed into never showing their faces again. They should be constantly reminded of what they did and even finding a job should be impossible. Their lives should be ruined just like the millions of lives they helped Trump ruin. And even after the sweet release of death, their families should continue carrying the shame. This is how we make sure history does not repeat itself. And they only have themselves to blame.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot