According to Fox News host Sean Hannity, too many people are lying for a living and getting “paid pretty well” to do so.

However, he didn’t bother to include himself or his political savior, President Donald Trump, as part of the extended rant he went on during his radio show on Friday.

Decrying the preponderance of what he called “experts” on news programs, Hannity angrily declared:

“You know, the laundry list of people that now are experts, Comey, Brennan, McCabe, Clapper, all these people, and now they’re getting paid gigs on the same networks that got it wrong. It’s unbelievable.”

But it was what the Fox host said next that earned him what HuffPost labeled “the most self-unaware moment of 2020 so far”:

“Great gig, I guess, if you can get it — lying, propagandizing, I guess pays for people. It pays pretty well. So what’s that? These are con artists now, they’re just liars, they’re just advancing a political agenda. There is nothing significant about Lev Parnas, nothing. But you know, what have they ever done, the Democrats, except try and hurt Trump? They done anything to create jobs, prosperity, peace, security in this country?”

Lying and propagandizing do indeed pay well. If you doubt that, just check Sean Hannity’s Fox News contract, which pays him a reported $15 million a year. He makes $20 million a year for his daily radio show on Premiere Networks. $35 million a year for a man who traffics in conspiracy theories (remember Hannity’s insistence that DNC staffer Seth Rich had been killed by the Democratic Party because he knew too much about the leaked DNC emails that had been hacked by Russian military intelligence officials?)

And yet Hannity also made sure to try and claim that his hands are clean when it comes to getting paid to lie, telling his radio audience:

“I mean, you know, admit who you are. I am a talk show host, I admit who I am, on radio and television.”

Actually, Sean, you’re a paid propagandist, a liar for hire who is so self-deluded that you think you’re the good guy when in reality you’re nothing more than an apologist for some of the worst people on the planet.

Lying pays pretty well, huh, Hannity? If anyone should know, it’s you.

Here’s Hannity’s Friday rant:

Featured Image Via Fox News Screenshot