White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham received backlash from taxpayers on Saturday night after she attacked a reporter simply for wondering why a briefing on impeachment was held on a conference call instead of on the record.

Trump is being impeached for abusing his power and obstructing Congress in a Ukraine scandal that continues to grow larger every day as new evidence arises.

One would think this is a crucial time for Grisham to do the job taxpayers pay her to provide, which includes daily press briefings.

But instead of a press briefing, Grisham had her assistant hold a briefing call and forced reporters to attribute the information to “sources close to the President’s legal team,” which drew criticism from CNN’s Oliver Darcy.

He’s not wrong. Trump often complains about the press’ use of anonymous sources, but his own White House communications team is using anonymous sources themselves. It’s hypocritical. And Grisham has not held a single press briefing since she took over the job as press secretary.

Grisham made the mistake of whining about Darcy’s criticism on Twitter, all without even bothering to answer his question.

Well, her snide remarks did not amuse Twitter users, who demanded that she do her job.

Grisham cannot justify taking taxpayer dollars without performing the job she was hired to do. It’s time for her to do her job or resign in disgrace and pay back every penny.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot