A Fox News interview with Rudy Giuliani went so far afield Friday morning that a Fox host tried to end it when the former New York City mayor began pushing bizarre conspiracy theories about Joe Biden.

Giuliani, who currently serves as a personal attorney to President Donald Trump, was ostensibly appearing on “Fox & Friends” to discuss the Senate impeachment trial, but instead spent several minutes spewing unsubstantiated rumors about Biden, remarking:

“All of a sudden Biden has announced the most important guy in Ukraine, he is going to give out the money, then he hires Biden’s son. Do you know what happened in between? He made a deal with Biden, you be on board against (former president Petro) Poroshenko taking my company, when they move to take the company. That’s when Biden came in and had the prosecutor fired, and within four months the crooked oligarch sitting with $5 billion comes back to the Ukraine, he is not prosecuted. He is sitting there fat and happy with his company.”

Co-host Steve Doocy repeatedly tried to shut Giuliani down, but to no avail, as Rudy began blathering about bribery:

“Then we have got another bribe. You don’t think the president of the Ukraine shared in that $5 billion that the crook kept?”

Eventually, Giuliani said he was hoping there would be some sort of investigation into the Bidens and that he would be presenting information regarding bribery by the former VP:

“Today at noon I will give an introduction. Starting next week I will present witnesses, I have them all on tape. We will reveal one at a time, we will show there were two bribes. Not one, actually three.”

It’s safe to speculate that Rudy’s train wreck of an interview was probably well-received by his client, the president, but to rest of us, it just looked downright unhinged.

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