Senate Republicans have it all planned out: They will protect President Donald Trump as his impeachment trial draws closer to a vote from all 100 members of the upper chamber and then they can begin focusing on the upcoming election, which is now less than ten months away.

But there could be a big problem with their plan, and it involves new revelations in the Ukraine scandal which has led to Trump’s impeachment. And that has them worried.

Politico reports that many in the GOP are terrified new Ukraine revelations could come out after they vote to exonerate the president:

“In the long run, however, Trump’s allies worry something more sinister looms. More document releases. More investigations.

“‘No one in this building believes House Democrats are done with impeachment,’ a White House official said. ‘I wouldn’t be surprised if they launched a dozen more sham investigations between now and Election Day.'”

And that could mean that Trump’s already historically low poll numbers would plummet even further. Which might translate into a wipeout come the November election if voters decided to take out their anger over the whitewashing of an impeachment trial by the GOP.

One such revelation occurred on Friday, when ABC News reported it had an audio recording of the president ordering the immediate removal of Maria Yovanovitch, the former ambassador to Ukraine:

“Republicans blame Democrats for the release of new information, even though only some came from House Democrats after they received new evidence. Other pieces have been released through news outlets, while the GAO is a non-partisan agency that reports to Congress.

“Democrats are going to keep releasing to their media friends supposedly ‘new’ info to demand more investigation and witnesses anytime the trial is nearly over,” said a Senate GOP aide, who described it as a “rolling production.”

No matter what moniker they attach to the new evidence, the continued drip of damaging facts between now and Election Day could potentially result in the GOP losing the Senate and White House, leaving the federal government in complete control of Democrats.

We’ve all heard the expression “death by a thousand cuts.” And that’s what has Republicans sweating right now.

Featured Image Via NBC News