President Donald Trump appeared to be threatening Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) on Sunday morning by telling his Twitter followers that he needs to pay a price for working to impeach him.

Schiff presented a masterful case against Trump during the Senate impeachment trial this week as one of the House managers, capping off the prosecution with inspiring speeches in defense of the rule of law and the Constitution.

Of course, he did so in the face of 53 Republican senators who don’t care about the damning evidence and witness testimony and will likely vote to acquit Trump as the final step in their effort to rig the trial in his favor. Republicans are even using Schiff’s citation of a CBS report as an excuse to justify their votes now because they can’t base acquittal on the facts.

Despite his legal team’s embarrassing performance, Trump praised their rebuttal on Sunday morning by proclaiming that they “shredded” the case presented by House managers and went on to declare that Schiff must pay a price for his role in the impeachment.

This is the kind of rhetoric that leads to threats and violence. It truly appears that Trump is telling his supporters that something must happen to Schiff in retaliation of impeachment.

But Trump’s posts are also classic projection. You see, Trump is the corrupt politician here, not Schiff.

Trump abused his power by trying to extort Ukraine into announcing a sham investigation into his political rival ahead of the 2020 Election and then he obstructed Congress by refusing to hand over subpoenaed documents during an impeachment investigation. A readout of the transcript of Trump’s phone call with Ukraine President Zelensky clearly shows that he asked for a “favor” in exchange for the release of crucial military aid, which Trump immediately froze after the call ended. And his Ukraine scandal is just one of many scandals Trump is involved in.

For instance, there are still the ten instances of obstruction Trump committed as laid out by the Mueller report on the Russian investigation.

Clearly, he’s the one who has not “paid the price” for what he has done to our country.

Schiff will be remembered as a hero who stood up for democracy and the rule of law while Trump will be remembered as a corrupt wannabe despot who escaped being removed from office via impeachment because of the 53 Republican co-conspirators in the Senate who didn’t even have a fraction of Schiff’s courage to do the right thing for their country.

Featured Image: Wikimedia