In an epic demonstration, conservative attorney George Conway schooled President Donald Trump on Tuesday morning for throwing a fit over a CNN segment questioning his knowledge of where Ukraine is located by presenting all of Trump’s geography fails.

It all started when Secretary of State Mike Pompeo berated an NPR reporter for daring to ask him questions about Ukraine and challenged her to find Ukraine on a map. Mary Louise Kelly, who has a Master’s degree in European Studies and is a longtime national security reporter, easily found it on the blank map Pompeo arrogantly brought out. Humiliated, Pompeo has been attacking Kelly and NPR ever since, and Trump himself got involved by threatening to cut NPR funding.

On Monday night, GOP strategist Rick Wilson took aim at Trump by saying he couldn’t find Ukraine on a map if it had the letter “U” next to a picture of a crane on it, causing CNN anchor Don Lemon to laugh uncontrollably.

Of course, Trump couldn’t just take a joke and let it go, lashing out instead.

But that was a massive mistake that resulted in Kellyanne Conway’s husband hilariously listing all of Trump’s geography fails, and there are a lot of them.

We clearly have a president who has little, if any, knowledge of geography. And that’s embarrassing because leaders should have a basic understanding of world geography. It may not seem important, but it’s actually crucial as part of the job, especially when it comes to national security and diplomacy. Trump should be so ashamed that he starts studying a map of the world. He can start by watching this short tutorial for kids.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot