Fox News host Laura Ingraham is furious with Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), and wants him impeached immediately because he’s investigated President Donald Trump for his alleged bribing of Ukraine.

But there’s one tiny problem with Ingraham’s call for Schiff to be impeached: Members of Congress aren’t subject to impeachment.

On her show Monday evening, Ingraham was interviewing the ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes (R-CA), the same committee that Schiff is chairman of. Nunes told the Fox host:

“We have no idea what Schiff’s involvement was with this whistle-blower. Who didn’t even have firsthand knowledge. Who didn’t even acknowledge to the ICIG that he had that knowledge. So this is, this is a creation after Adam Schiff flamed out with the Russia hoax, they invented this new hoax. That is why we’re here. It’s even not even a policy disagreement. They just don’t like the president.”

That’s when Ingraham decided to float her utterly ludicrous idea of impeaching Schiff:

“It’s not clear that congressmen can’t be impeached by the way. It’s not clear that they cannot be impeached.”

Nunes politely agreed with Ingraham, remarking:

“They can be removed.”

Ingraham then added:

“They can be removed from office, but I think Adam Schiff has perpetrated one of the greatest frauds on the American people, wasted our money.”

Yes, members of Congress can indeed be removed from office, but not via the impeachment process. Which means that Ingraham’s suggestion is specious, legally bogus, and downright laughable.

The only way you can remove a sitting member of Congress is for two-thirds of the body in which they serve to vote for expulsion, something that has only happened 20 times in the history of the United States.

As is so often the case with the hosts on Fox, they know diddly about the law and Constitution, and their only real goal is to rile up their viewers, who are either too lazy to do any research of their own or too dense to accept the truth.

Here’s a better idea: Let’s “impeach” Fox News by boycotting the network until they actually start reporting the news.

Featured Image Via NBC News