Indicted Rudy Giulaini associate Lev Parnas has now directly implicated Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) in President Donald Trump’s Ukraine extortion scheme.

It turns out the plot to strong-arm Ukrainian officials into announcing a sham investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden goes back to 2018, and Graham not only knew everything from the start, he was in on it long before Parnas got involved.

Flanked by his attorney Joseph Bondy, Parnas revealed the extent of Graham’s involvement during an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN Wednesday night.

“Senator Lindsey Graham I haven’t had any contact with, but because of my relationship with Rudy Giuliani, I have a lot of information about his dealings,” Parnas said. “It was, like, surreal to watch Lindsey Graham up there, sit there — he’s out there talking about all the stuff, that this is a sham, that this should go away.”

Indeed, Graham is all too eager to sweep Trump’s scandal under the rug, which is why he has decried impeachment and is now hell bent on acquitting Trump as soon as possible as the Senate trial continues and new damning evidence surfaces.

“At the end of the day, he was in the loop just like everybody else,” Parnas continued. “He (had) a very good relationship with Rudy Giuliani, he was aware of what was going on going back to at least 2018, maybe even earlier. If you recall, he was the one Rudy Giuliani was supposed to bring Viktor Shokin to when the visa got denied, and I think he was even, if you check the records, involved in getting the request for the visa somehow.”

Giuliani pushed for such a visa in January 2019 in order to bring Shokin, a disgraced and corrupt former Ukrainian prosecutor, to the United States to deliver what would have been false testimony accusing Biden of getting him ousted to kill an investigation of Burisma, the gas company his son Hunter Biden worked for as a board member. However, the investigation had been dormant for two years before the Obama administration pushed for Shokin’s ouster.

His effort to bring Shokin failed, so Trump himself would demand a “favor” from newly elected Ukraine President Zelensky and withhold nearly $400 million of military aid hostage until Zelensky bowed down to his demand. In the end, Trump got caught after a whistleblower revealed the extortion scheme.

“Senator Graham was involved even before I got involved with Mayor Giuliani, so he had to have been in the loop and had to have known what was going on,” Parnas said. “I was with Giuliani every day, that was what was happening. Rudy told me not once but on several occasions that he spoke to Lindsey Graham about the situation, that Lindsey was always aware. I don’t know how deeply aware, I didn’t speak to Lindsey Graham, I don’t have text messages with him, we didn’t interact, so I can only speak from what Rudy told me.”

Here’s the video via Twitter:

So Lindsey Graham is a juror in Trump’s Senate impeachment trial who has sworn an oath to remain impartial despite the fact that he has zero intention of being impartial at all. He wants the whole scandal to go away. And now we know why.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot