During a speech he made at a campaign rally in Des Moines, Iowa, Thursday evening, President Donald Trump slammed the Green New Deal and climate activism by claiming that the real goal of those who care about the planet is to “kill our cows.”

Trump, who routinely wolf down hamburgers (made from cows) and once had his own brand of steaks (again, cows) told his supporters in the Hawkeye State:

“The Green New Deal, which would crush our farms, destroy our wonderful cows. I love cows. They want to kill our cows. You know why, right? … They want to kill our cows. That means you’re next.”

So apparently if you support saving the environment and protecting the climate, you’re going to kill cows and turn to people as a source of food, at least according to Donald Trump, who must be having some sort of “Soylent Green” flashback.

The level of crazy was so high that Twitter exploded with laughter and mockery:

Later in his remarks, the president also mentioned the ongoing impeachment trial taking place in the Senate:

“We’re having probably the best years that we’ve ever had in the history of our country, and I just got impeached! Can you believe these people? They want to nullify your ballots, poison our democracy, and overthrow the entire system of government.”

No cows could be reached for comment.

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