Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg knows exactly how to push President Donald Trump’s buttons, and he’s doing exactly that with a new campaign ad that brutally mocks the Donald’s appearance.

As Chris Cillizza reports for CNN:

“Ostensibly the ad is designed to address the criticism of the fact that Bloomberg, as mayor of New York City, hired Trump to build a golf course. ‘That’s true,’ Bloomberg says in the commercial. ‘But he was the only bidder and running a golf course is the only job I would hire him for.’

“But that’s not the real goal of the ad. The real goal is to troll Trump over his appearance — as there are several still photographs of Trump on the golf course shown on screen, all of which make the President look, well, large.”

A normal candidate — especially an incumbent president — would merely shrug off Bloomberg’s commercial. But as we’ve learned since he took office, Donald Trump is far from normal.

And that, Cillizza goes on to explain, is exactly why this particular 15-second spot will enrage Trump:

“There is nothing that will bother Trump more than seeing an ad like this that is clearly intended to make Trump look out of shape and sort of bumbling. (One image shows Trump climbing up a hill at a golf course on all fours.)”

All of this is part of a larger plan by the former mayor of New York City to spend whatever’s necessary to defeat Trump in November, even if Bloomberg doesn’t get the Democratic nomination. And Bloomberg has more than enough money to do exactly that, which is also a tender subject for Trump:

“Why does Bloomberg bother Trump so much? Because Trump primarily judges worth by wealth. And Bloomberg, whose estimated net worth is $60.5 billion, is much, much richer than Trump. He, like Trump, is also a New Yorker. And spent more than a decade as mayor of the city. The two men have known one another for decades. Looking at Bloomberg’s resume, it’s almost as if he was made in a lab to create maximum irritation to Trump.”

No matter how he fares with voters, we all owe Mike Bloomberg a debt of gratitude for being willing to troll Trump in ways no one else can.

Featured Image Via YouTube Screenshot