Whether or not you believe the DNC is somehow rigging the Democratic debates by changing the rules to let former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg on the stage, there’s no denying President Donald Trump is scared of him.

For one thing, Bloomberg is a real billionaire who is actually liked by New Yorkers. He also has far more political experience and would savage Trump on the debate stage. Even fellow Democratic challenger and rising star Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) believes he should be part of the debates.

Most importantly, he has good ideas that scare the hell out of Trump and the Republicans.

And we know that Trump is frightened of Bloomberg because of the way he viciously attacked him on Twitter Friday just before midnight.

It should be pointed out it would be inappropriate for Bloomberg’s media publication to provide disproportionate or biased coverage just because it bears his name. That’s why you’re not seeing that kind of favoritism. It’s not because he’s “boring.”

Trump is also clearly trying to divide supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) whose campaign has objected to Bloomberg being part of the debates.

Furthermore, Trump’s childish schoolyard name-calling is beneath the office of the presidency. And finally, there’s no proof that Bloomberg is seeking to stand on a box during the debates, nor does it appear that he has stood on boxes before. Bloomberg is 5’8″, comparable in height to Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.). Judging by this past mayoral debate video from 2009, Bloomberg does not seem to be insecure about his height.

Make no mistake, Trump is scared. He knows Bloomberg can bring his own money to the fight in a way that Trump can’t and he knows that Bloomberg has vowed to spend billions working to elect whichever Democrat wins the nomination even if it isn’t himself.

If anything, Trump just brought more attention to an opponent who could be a major threat to his re-election chances should he gain any traction with the American people during the debates.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot