President Donald Trump picked the wrong moment to f*ck up the location of a major American city on Sunday night when he congratulated the Kansas City Chiefs on their Super Bowl victory, resulting in national mockery.

The Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LIV, and this congratulatory tweet is what you will currently see on Trump’s Twitter feed.

However, that’s not what he originally wrote as he had mistakenly congratulated the state of Kansas first. Thanks to screenshots of the royal screw-up, the Internet is forever.

Kansas City Chiefs

Trump’s unforced error is especially hypocritical since Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently blew up at a reporter for schooling him on where Ukraine is located on a map. And Americans had no problem mocking him into oblivion for it.

George Conway even commented by adding this latest bout of stupidity to a thread he recently wrote up demonstrating Trump’s geography fails.

Missouri and Kansas should feel insulted. After all, both states voted for Trump in 2016. The least he can do is identify them correctly.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot