President Donald Trump said Sunday in an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity that he doesn’t think there’s any possible way a Democratic candidate will beat him in the 2020 election among African-American or Hispanic voters.

The eight-minute interview that aired before Super Bowl XIV ranged from Trump repeatedly patting himself on the back and making up fake facts to the president taking cheap personal shots at the Democrats seeking the nomination to face Trump in November.

But it was what Trump said about a “revolution” taking place among minority voters that raised the most eyebrows, with Trump telling Hannity:

“There’s a revolution going on in this country. I made a positive — I mean a positive revolution. Hispanic American, Asian-American, we have the best numbers we ever had. African-American — the poverty numbers are now reversed and they’re the best they ever had. I don’t know how anybody could possibly beat me with that vote. So we’ll see how it goes.”

A poll released just last month shows that Trump is kidding himself.

According to the Washington Post-Ipsos poll, 83 percent of African-Americans consider Trump to be a racist who has made race relations in the United States worse since taking office.

And then we got the obligatory personal attacks on the candidates he may face in the general election, Vox notes:

“’Look at Sleepy Joe, what’s going on with him? He’s having a hard time,’ Trump said of former Vice President Joe Biden. He accused Sen. Elizabeth Warren of being a liar, saying, ‘I call her ‘Fairy Tale’ because everything’s a fairy tale … this woman can’t tell the truth.’

“Sen. Bernie Sanders, Trump claimed, is a ‘communist’ who got married in Russia. The claim prompted Hannity’s only attempt to correct the president; the Fox News personality reminded him that Sanders actually took a trip to the then-Soviet Union shortly after his marriage, and that he wasn’t married there.”

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