Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) received bad news from his hometown newspaper on Monday when the Fresno Bee officially endorsed his Democratic rival after scorching his allegiance to President Donald Trump.

The newspaper has a policy to never endorse any candidate who refuses to sit for an interview with the editorial board, but it likely would not have endorsed Nunes anyway after all he has done in recent years to cement his status as a Trump toady who has betrayed the voters to corrupt democracy. And the paper certainly did not endorse him this year.

“He became obsessed with defending President Donald Trump against the Mueller investigation, to the point of violating well-established protocol while running the powerful House Intelligence Committee,” the paper began. “Sadly, Nunes has continued to fail his district and has peddled wild conspiracy theories about how Democrats are out to get the president. He does so despite the fact that Congress is an independent branch of government. And he has not seriously considered whether any of the points Democrats have made in the impeachment process might be legitimate; not even once has he opened his mind to the possibility that Trump used the office of the president to conduct foreign affairs for his own personal gain.”

Last year, the Bee slammed Nunes for lying about his contact with Giuliani associate Lev Parnas and for having a clear role in Trump’s Ukraine scheme to get dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden.

In addition, Nunes’ various frivolous lawsuits against his critics and parody social media accounts has made him a running joke. Considering all the time he is spending defending Trump and filing lawsuits, he has little to no time to work for the district that elected him to represent them.

“Nunes has proven time and again that supporting the president is his priority, so it is mystifying that he doesn’t just go to work for the Trump team,” the paper wrote. “Keeping Nunes in the House is probably more useful to the overall Republican strategy. His constituents are the collateral damage in that equation.”

“The 22nd District deserves someone who fulfills the oversight role of Congress,” the Bee declared. “And the district needs someone whose focus is supporting the people of Tulare and Fresno counties, not defending the person who occupies the White House.”

And that’s why the paper endorsed Democratic candidate Phil Arballo.

Nunes won re-election in 2018 by only a 6 percent margin. But he has only sunk deeper into scandal and has become more of a national punchline in the two years since. That cannot possibly bode well for him going into the 2020 contest. And as one of the few Republicans from California who have managed to hold onto their seats, he should be worried.

Featured image: Wikimedia