President Donald Trump went from a Friday Night Massacre to a Saturday evening hissy fit when he lashed out at Senators Mitt Romney (R-Utah) and Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) in retaliation against their votes to convict during his impeachment trial.

Trump had hoped that Manchin might vote to acquit him so his acquittal would be bipartisan. Instead, Manchin voted to convict and it was Romney who crossed the aisle, resulting in conviction being bipartisan.

Nevertheless, Romney’s vote was not enough to remove Trump from office as the rest of his Senate Republican colleagues moved forward with the rigged trial by acquitting him.

On Friday, Trump began an unlawful campaign of retaliation against impeachment witnesses by firing Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman from the National Security Council and removed European Union Ambassador Gordon Sondland from his post.

Trump continued fuming on Saturday evening, this time throwing a tantrum targeting Manchin and Romney.

In reality, Manchin worked tirelessly to pass the pension bill and secured bipartisan support for it in the Senate, something he reminded Trump in response.

Manchin then slammed Trump for hiding evidence and blocking witness testimony.

Trump has repeatedly claimed that he has evidence and witnesses that prove his innocence. If that’s the case, however, why didn’t he release the evidence and allow witnesses to testify?

And that’s really the point. Trump knows he is guilty and he knew that releasing documents and allowing testimony would bury him. A transcription memo of the July 25th phone call with Ukraine was enough evidence of Trump’s quid pro quo to warrant articles of impeachment.

Finally, Trump’s attacks against both senators are even more ridiculous since neither is up for re-election until 2024. He, on the other hand, is the one up for re-election this year, and surely West Virginia and Utah are not going to stand for Trump attacking their honorable senators for doing the right thing. Because that would be a shame.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot