Former New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg may not be polling among the top three Democrats seeking the nomination to face President Donald Trump in November, but his ads have clearly hit a nerve with the incumbent POTUS, drawing sharp responses on Twitter from Trump, meaning that Bloomberg has gotten under the president’s skin in a way few others have been able to.

And now Bloomberg is prepared to release a series of campaign ads that focus on Trump’s business failures, including the six times he filed for bankruptcy over the years, which Bloomberg told Axios proves that the president is little more than a “promoter”:

“He is a real estate promoter as opposed to a businessman. And they have very different ways of going about things.”

Bloomberg, who has a net worth of approximately $60 billion and isn’t afraid to show his tax returns, added:

“A promoter does one transaction and is never going to see that customer ever again. In his case, he sells a building to you, and chances are he’ll never have you as a customer again. So he can be much more aggressive in terms of trying to get the best deal for himself.”

But it goes deeper than that, Bloomberg noted, and looking at Trump’s way of doing deals is indicative of how he performs as head of state, too:

“So the business world is much more complex, and you don’t behave that way. And I think that explains a lot of … his demeanor here versus other presidents or what I would do. … That’s the way I’ve always thought about it. Because you look at him and you say, ‘Why does he do this?’ That’s what my conclusion is.”

In the weeks ahead, you’ll be seeing ads from Bloomberg focused on Trump’s many failures in business and the questionable ways in which the current president has made his money. That’s almost certain to prompt a response from the president, who has already lashed out at the former mayor, according to Vanity Fair:

“Bloomberg has been spending hundreds of millions of his own money to drive the president insane.”

Whether he wins the Democratic nomination or not, Mike Bloomberg is performing a valuable public service by reminding the country that a failed real estate huckster is the wrong person to lead the most powerful country in the world.

Featured Image Via NBC News