Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) put her humor and wit on full display at Vice-President Mike Pence’s expense Sunday evening during a town hall event when an audience member asked her who her vice president will be.

Warren has never been afraid to confront President Donald Trump head-on, refusing to be intimidated by the bully-in-chief no matter what playground insults he hurls at her.

But she took aim at Pence instead on Sunday in New Hampshire when an audience member asked her who her vice president will be.

“Who is going to be your Mike Pence?” the audience member asked. “Who is going to look at you with adoring eyes?”

A quick Warren had a sharp quip in response.

“I already have a dog,” she said.

Here’s the video via Twitter:

Let’s not pretend that Pence hasn’t played the role of Trump’s loyal lapdog for three years now. Because that’s exactly what he has been doing. While the vice-president ultimately supports what the president decides, he’s not supposed to be a sycophant. Warren clearly wants a vice president who is capable of thinking for themselves and offering her useful advice instead of being merely a yes-man or yes-woman.

Pence tries so hard to please Trump that you almost expect him to roll over for belly rubs.

Warren not only has good ideas that will help the American people and root out the corruption Trump has instilled in Washington, but she also has the clout to take him on face to face.

The audience certainly appreciated Warren’s humor, and her quick wit makes her more than a match for Trump on the debate stage or anywhere else for that matter.

Meanwhile, Pence needs some treatment for that wicked burn.

Featured Image: Twitter screenshot