President Donald Trump woke up on Wednesday morning and left zero doubt that he strong-armed the Department of Justice to help Roger Stone when he took to Twitter to praise Attorney General Bill Barr for bowing down to his demand to interfere with the case.

Federal prosecutors had recommended a seven to nine year sentence for Stone, whom a jury found guilty of all seven counts against him in November, including charges of obstruction, lying to the FBI and witness tampering.

But Trump, drunk with power after Senate Republicans gave him the green light to abuse his power by acquitting him in a rigged impeachment trial, whined about the sentencing recommendation. Clearly, Barr saw the tweet and immediately shifted into fixer mode.

Top DOJ officials disavowed the recommendation, leading to all four prosecutors resigning from the case in protest and drawing outrage from legal experts across the country.

Trump even attacked Judge Amy Berman Jackson and suggested that she is biased against Stone without offering any evidence.

On Wednesday morning, Trump praised Barr for being a good lapdog.

Actually, there is no such evidence. The Inspector General concluded that while the FBI made mistakes, there was no bias against Trump and that the Russia investigation was legitimate. The Russia investigation was a probe into Russian meddling during the 2016 Election. Special Counsel Robert Mueller concluded that Russia did, indeed, interfere with the election. Trump, however, repeatedly tried to impede the probe, resulting in ten instances of obstruction of justice being listed in the final report. Barr would go on to bury a good portion of the report and pretend that Trump didn’t do anything wrong even though obstruction is a crime.

And Trump is the only one absurdly claiming that Mueller lied to Congress.

The bottom line is that Trump directly interfered with a federal case to help his associate and Barr destroyed the last shreds of whatever independence the Department of Justice had left.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot