It’s not enough that President Donald Trump has already retaliated against Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman for testifying against him, he now wants the Pentagon to punish him as well.

Vindman testified against Trump during House impeachment hearings, confirming that Trump abused his power by asking Ukraine for a “favor” in exchange for his release of military aid to the country.

Senate Republicans acquitted Trump to conclude a rigged impeachment trial, and Trump took advantage of getting away with his crimes by retaliating against those who testified against him.

He not only had Vindman removed from his post at the National Security Council, but he also removed Vindman’s twin brother as well.

Vindman has since been transferred to the Pentagon and Defense Secretary Mark Esper insisted that there would be no retribution against the Purple Heart recipient and Iraq War hero.

“We protect all of our persons, service members, from retribution or anything like that,” Esper claimed. “We’ve already addressed that in policy and other means.”

But that statement meant nothing on Tuesday because Trump once again attacked the impeachment witness and called for the Pentagon to dole out additional punishment.

“I obviously wasn’t happy with the job he did,” Trump said. “What was said on the call was totally appropriate. I call it a perfect call; I always will call it a perfect call.”

Trump accused Vindman of ignoring the chain of command and leaking information.

“We sent him on his way to a much different location, and the military can handle him any way they want,” Trump continued. “General Milley has him now. I congratulate General Milley. He can have him. But if you look at what happened, they’re going to certainly, I would imagine, take a look at that.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

And if anyone really believes the Pentagon will stand up to Trump on Vindman’s behalf, think again. Because Trump recently whined about the sentence recommendation federal prosecutors sought against Roger Stone, only for Attorney General Bill Barr to respond by recommending a slap on the wrist to make Trump happy. Esper could easily be intimidated by Trump into punishing Vindman even further.

Vindman has served this country honorably for his entire career. He has bled defending our freedom and he only did his duty by testifying against Trump in compliance with a congressional subpoena. He should never have been removed for the National Security Council, and he certainly should not be punished by the Pentagon. This is not how a president should behave and if Pentagon officials still care about protecting servicemen and women from retribution, they will condemn Trump’s demand in the strongest possible terms. But they’ll have to have Vindman’s courage to do it.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot