Fox News host Tucker Carlson did President Donald Trump’s bidding on Thursday night by publicly targeting the jury foreman in the Roger Stone trial, persecuting her with lies and plastering her Twitter account, picture and name on the screen for rabid conservatives to see.

Earlier in the day, Trump personally attacked the juror as part of his corrupt scheme to undermine the Justice Department.

Trump has been demanding a lighter sentence for Stone despite the fact that the jury convicted him on all seven counts brought against him.

Not long after Trump made his demand, Attorney General Bill Barr interfered with the case, resulting in all four federal prosecutors to resign from it in protest. Trump then attacked the judge presiding over the case and accused her of bias by suggesting she’s linked to Hillary Clinton.

On Thursday night during his show, Carlson picked up where Trump left off by targeting the jury foreman, spewing a bunch of lies along the way to demonize her.

“This is not a neutral person,” Carlson said. “This is not someone capable of judging this trial fairly. This is a partisan who lied about who she was. Roger Stone is facing life in prison because an Obama-appointed judge, Amy Berman Jackson, allowed this woman to run the jury. And that’s all fine with CNN, which has colluded with the Justice Department from day one on this, and which is rooting for Stone to die behind bars.”

Here’s the video via Twitter:

It really does not matter that one juror is a Trump critic. There is more than one juror on a jury and the jury foreman doesn’t have the power to sway a jury one way or another. It’s highly likely that some of the jurors were conservatives. As it turns out, the jury in Stone’s case produced a unanimous guilty verdict.

Also, federal prosecutors recommended a sentence of seven to nine years in prison, not life as Carlson hysterically claimed.

In addition, accusing CNN and the Justice Department of collusion is ridiculous and Carlson does not have any evidence to support it. And finally, the defense had an opportunity to strike the woman as a juror, but did not do so.

This is nothing but a witch hunt designed to intimidate federal prosecutors, judges and jurors across the judicial system. Carlson just put a target on this innocent woman’s back for doing her civic duty and put her life in danger. He should not only be fired, he should be arrested.

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