Rudy Giuliani is back, and he’s making even less sense than usual, insisting that a “bunch of Democrats’ and the nation of Ukraine want to “literally kill” him for his investigations of former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.

During an appearance on Fox Business, Giuliani told host Trish Regan he had the “smoking gun” of evidence that proves Hunter Biden had laundered money, even though he provided no evidence of his specious claim and instead read what he said was an email between the governments of Latvia and Ukraine spelling out a “corruption affair” regarding the Bidens.

And then Rudy went full tinfoil hat and told Regan that his life was in great danger:

“It’s not just Biden. Bunch of Democrats. That’s why they’re so crazy on the subject of Ukraine, and why they want to literally kill me.”

But when Regan asked Giuliani about his trips to Ukraine, he began fumbling over his words, even going so far as to deny he had ever visited the country:

“Everything the Democrats say you can assume is a lie. Let’s start with I was over there.

“I haven’t been in Ukraine in two years. I went to the Ukraine for the first time, like, three weeks ago to interview a witness.”

Let’s see: He hasn’t been to Ukraine in two years and yet he was there three weeks ago? Is Rudy under the impression that recent visits to another country don’t count?

Regan asked the former New York City mayor for a copy of the so-called “evidence” he kept referring to on an iPad he held in his hands during the interview. In response, Giuliani repeated “This is a smoking gun.”

Uh huh, sure thing, Rudy. If you had any real evidence, you would have already blabbed it from the nearest mountain and tweeted it out to Trump so he could retweet it and have all of his devoted social media acolytes circulate the lies a million times without any substantiation.

It’s no wonder Donald Trump is so fond of Rudy. He’s about the only person who’s more ridiculous than the president.

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