Randy Credico was one of the key witnesses in the government’s case against Roger Stone, a longtime friend and confidant of President Donald Trump’s, and Credico says in recent days he’s begun to fear for his life.

Speaking with the New York Times, Credico noted that his fears are connected in part to the fact that Trump has made it clear that he has Stone’s back, and that has him worried:

“I don’t want to see a guy go to prison because of me, it’s going to be on my conscience, plus it’s going to anger a lot of people out there who called me a rat. The guy goes to prison and I’m to blame, and you’re being called a rat, you’re worried about somebody with a red hat, a MAGA hat, doing a Jack Ruby on you.”

Stone, who was convicted in November on charges of obstruction, making false statements, and witness tampering, has issued threats at Credico, one of which took the form of a text message that read:

“Prepare to die c*ck sucker.”

But Credico says he isn’t afraid of Stone, who is currently in federal custody and awaiting sentencing later this month. Instead, he’s terrified that one of Trump’s fanatical supporters might seek to eliminate someone who spoke out against Stone:

“I look like the guy that’s gonna be the guy that’s gonna force Stone to talk to the feds and say everything that he knows on the president. So I’m expendable at that point. That’s what I’m thinking.”

As Michelle Goldberg of the Times reminds us, we live in a country where there’s one set of laws for Trump and his close friends, and another set for the rest of us. And that is an existential threat to the very foundations of our republic:

“There is now one set of laws in this country for people who serve Trump, and another for everyone else. During Trump’s impeachment trial, the House managers repeated a quote attributed to Ben Franklin over and over again: ‘A republic, if you can keep it.’ We haven’t kept it. The question now is whether we ever get it back.”

Featured Image Via CNN Screenshot