President Donald Trump brags about not taking a presidential salary, but he has more than made up for it by charging taxpayers more than 300 years worth of presidential salary to pay for his massive golf tab, which continued to rise on Valentine’s Day.

For years, Trump frequently attacked former President Barrack Obama for playing golf and even promised that he would spend his presidency working in the White House to the point that he would not have any time to play golf.

This past December, however, Trump had already officially played more golf than Obama did through three years in office and has spent more money on golfing than Obama as well.

For Valentine’s Day, Trump once again hit the links, and as the Huffington Post reports, his golf tab just reached a dubious milestone that should outrage taxpayers since they are the ones paying the bill.

“President Donald Trump returned to Mar-a-Lago on Friday evening for the 29th golf-related trip of his presidency to his for-profit Palm Beach, Florida, resort, raising his total taxpayer golf tab to $133.8 million,” the report pointed out. “That figure translates to 334 years of the presidential salary that Trump and his supporters frequently boast he is not taking.”

In other words, Trump is taking his presidential salary in a different more corrupt form. It’s a sleight of hand that makes him appear benevolent while charging taxpayers millions of dollars that end up in his business coffers and, ultimately, his pocket.

Trump has also more than doubled Obama’s playing time at this time in his presidency.

“Trump has spent two-and-a-half times as many days on a golf course as Obama had done at the same point in his first term,” the report says. “If Trump plays golf both Saturday and Sunday, he will have played 248 times. Obama by his 1,123rd day in office had played 92 times.”

Obama also only played golf on military bases to save taxpayers money whenever he took a break from the stresses of the office. Trump, meanwhile, only plays golf at his expensive resorts.

And because Trump insists on playing at courses he owns, the cost to taxpayers has been nearly four times as high as it was for Obama. What’s more, Trump’s insistence on playing at courses he owns and profits from has put at least a few million taxpayer dollars into Trump’s cash registers in the form of hotel room and restaurant charges for the White House staff and Secret Service agents who accompany him.

Trump should be forced to pay back every penny he has stolen from taxpayers during his presidency, especially since he just slashed a scheduled pay increase for federal workers citing “serious economic conditions.”

If the economy is not doing well, he definitely should not be golfing. He should be working as he promised to do.

Featured Image: Wikimedia