Well, it happened. Despite being given every opportunity to run away screaming, Vice President Mike Pence’s aide Katie Waldman actually went through with marrying Stephen Miller, a white nationalist who advised President Donald Trump to lock migrant children in cages.

Miller and Waldman married in a ceremony at Trump’s Washington D.C. hotel over the weekend in yet another event that enriches his boss.

It’s just another ethics violation on top of all the xenophobia and racism Miller has made the cornerstone of Trump’s policies, which include a Muslim travel ban and locking thousands of children in detention camps after kidnapping them from their parents.

Just the news that Miller found a woman willing to marry him was enough to disgust humanity, and the fact that she went through with it and the following wedding night caused Americans to lose their lunch.

Seriously, Miller is human scum who should stand trial for crimes against humanity at The Hague. Yet, a woman actually wanted to be Mrs. Miller.


Featured Image: Twitter