After three years of tweets filled with grammar and spelling errors, President Donald Trump hypocritically had the gall to correct a conservative columnist for accidentally misspelling former Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s last name.

After Bloomberg’s disastrous performance during the Democratic debate on Wednesday night in which he ran into two buzz saws named Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, conservative writer Jennifer Rubin commented on his poor showing.

Somehow, Trump noticed Rubin’s tweet and the reply to it, so he retweeted it and criticized her for the error.

Of course, Rubin’s error is easy to make since the “f” and “g” keys on a keyboard are right next to each other.

This minor error pales in comparison, however, to Trump’s atrocious spelling and grammar, which has resulted in “covfefe,” “smocking,” “hamberders,” “councel,” “leightweight,” “Rupublicans,” “infair,” and “shoebiz” among many others, including errors he made recently.

In short, Trump should work on his own spelling and grammar before he criticizes anyone else. We’re talking about a man who couldn’t even spell his own wife’s name correctly.

And Twitter users wasted no time mocking him.


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